Long before he was flashing "blue steel" as a handsome male model or dodging inflated red balls as Globo Gym owner White Goodman, actor Ben Stiller took a shot at a career in music, performing with the punk outfit Capital Punishment. Now, three decades after they cut their first release, the band has gotten back together to release a new EP titled This Is Capital Punishment.

Stiller was just a teenager at the point the band released their 1982 record Roadkill. While he went on to fame as an actor/director, Kriss Roebling became a music documentarian, guitarist Peter Zusi is now a Czech literature professor, and synth player Peter Swann is now an Arizona Supreme Court Justice.

According to Rolling Stone, one of the songs from Roadkill, "Confusion," was picked up by Captured Tracks for an album reissue in September, and the label then asked if it was possible for the group to add some bonus tracks. At that point, the group decided to remake "Confusion" and record a new EP. You can hear the song below.

“Nobody was told exactly what to do for their parts, so each member’s contribution had a marked effect on the direction the songs took, and what ultimately they developed into,” Roebling said of the recording. This Is Capital Punishment will be released Nov. 23, with a digital version following on Dec. 7.

Capital Punishment, "Confusion"

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