Hundreds of temperature records are breaking as extreme heat grips much of the world.  More than 14-hundred records fell this past week. A brutal heat wave still is scorching much of the U.S. Nearly 100 million people are under heat advisory alerts. Cities from the Midwest to New England getting hit with triple-digit temperatures as health related emergency room visit spike. Health officials in New York say heat-related visits are up 500-percent over what they normally see on a typical June Day.

The National Weather Service said a heat advisory is issued when the heat index, the combination of heat and humidity, is predicted to feel like "95 to 99 degrees for two or more consecutive days or 100 to 104 degrees for any length of time." That all being said, what can we do in the Hudson Valley to beat the heat?

How to Beat the Heat in the Hudson Valley

We got a lot of awesome responses from this question online. One response I really love is from Rosemarie Cummings,

Back in the day without a/c, my kids had lots of water play, even if it meant bathtub with water pistols or kitchen sink with toys. Stay wet, fans, hydrated. Now, I’m still working & I have to turn my space heater on; it’s that cold in the office.

First of all, I love how Rosemarie and her family just embrace the heart of summer by finding fun ways to not just stay cool but to bond with the family. I think this is your reminder to grab those Super Soakers and just have a water gun war! Also, I totally get you about being too cold in the office. A few coworkers and I wear hoodies when we work in the studios because they are always so cold.

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Below, I got 5 low-cost ways to stay cool this summer! Got anymore solid ideas? Let me know on social media!

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Beat the Heat in the Hudson Valley

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