The third season of Better Call Saul couldn’t help leaning into the announcement of its biggest Breaking Bad cameo to date, but don’t think stars Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul will ever stop teasing their own returns. The latter even suggests that Jesse Pinkman might already have shot a Season 3 appearance, but how?

Appearing on Ellen (hey, someone has to promote The Path Season 2), Paul unsurprisingly addressed the Better Call Saul elephant in the room. At least somewhat surprising, however was a tacit admission that he may already have shot a Season 3 appearance (via TVLine):

Will you be on Better Call Saul?

God, I hope so. Maybe … maybe I already shot the … Yeah, we just – or THEY just – wrapped the last season.

So maybe you are gonna be on!

Yeah, I could be. I would love to be on.

Presuming Paul was given the greenlight to imply an actual appearance, we’d bet dollars to doughnuts that Jesse Pinkman pops up in the “present” timeline with Saul’s Cinnabon manager Gene. Say what you will about suspension of disbelief, but no one is buying Paul as a teenage Jesse Pinkman.

Ahead of an April 10 premiere, so reads the Better Call Saul Season 3 synopsis:

The acclaimed second season ended with a pair of cliffhangers. Determined to prevent his brother from practicing law, Chuck (Michael McKean) staged an elaborate con, secretly recording Jimmy’s confession to a felony. When Mike (Jonathan Banks) set his sights on sociopathic cartel boss Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis), an ominous intervention stopped him from pulling the trigger, raising questions as to what other dangerous players may be in the game.

As the new season begins, the repercussions of Chuck’s scheme test Jimmy and Kim’s (Rhea Seehorn) fledgling law practices – and their romance – as never before. This imminent existential threat presses Jimmy’s faltering moral compass to the limit. Meanwhile, Mike searches for a mysterious adversary who seems to know almost everything about his business. As the season progresses, new characters are introduced and backstories are further illuminated with meaningful nods to the “Breaking Bad” universe.

Better Call Saul players have promised several familiar faces likely to pop up in Season 3, especially after the explicit reference to Esposito’s Breaking Bad guy. Creators Vince Gilligan and Gould had previously acknowledged fans figuring out their Season 2 title puzzle, while Bryan Cranston has also teased returning characters.

Well, what should we expect from Better Call Saul Season 3? Might Aaron Paul just be blowing crystal smoke?

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