This week's edition of Brandi's Future Husband takes us to England, where Brandi has finally found someone who shares her affinity for a legendary canned meat product, SPAM.

His name is Mark Benson, he's 41 and he is wanting to change his middle name, legally to "I Love Spam." No one originally believed that he wanted to go to such formal lengths to make his love of SPAM known.

“I eat Spam three or four times a week. I do all the recipes and sometimes I make up my own as well. I changed my middle name two years ago. It used to be William. Now I’m waiting for a new passport. This will be my first one with my new middle name on it."

Brandi will have to wait until Mark is available to go on a few dates. He just started his career as the face of the new Spam can truck. SPAM is marking their 75th anniversary and Mark is going around Great Britain with the official SPAM truck spreading the word.