This picture above is one of the most recent black bear sightings to be captured on camera here in the Hudson Valley region. This bear was found in the backyard of a home in Hopewell Junction.

There are more and more black bear sightings occurring in the Hudson Valley area. What is causing these generally shy animals to make their way into suburban areas of Upstate New York?

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Last month a homeowner in Chatham, New York got quite the surprise when her dog made it very clear that there was an unwanted visitor in her home. The video showed a large bear walking in through the door and into her kitchen. The family dog was able to scare it away.

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Why are there more black bear sightings now?

These frequent sightings could be caused by several reasons. With the human population expanding we are moving into their habitats. Bears are opportunistic eaters. With more humans means more trash and it could be attracting them.

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