Weather has been on the top of everyone's mind over the past few days and with good reason. The storm system that is about to hit the Hudson Valley has the potential to bring snow amounts and wind gusts that not only would make it the biggest storm of this winter, but possibly one of the biggest storms we've seen in the past couple of years, or longer.

Here's what we know now.

Earlier this afternoon, the National Weather Service issued a Blizzard Warning for Delaware and Sullivan counties from 11 pm tonight until 11 pm tomorrow night. Heavy snow and gusting winds are obviously the biggest danger with this system. These counties could see 14-24 inches of snow accumulation and with gusting winds, you can expect whiteout conditions making travel almost impossible in many areas. There is also a danger of frost bite due to the windchill, so make sure you bundle up when you head out to shovel or snowplow your driveway.

The National Weather Service has just announced that Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia, and Greene counties have been upgraded to a Blizzard Warning as well, starting at midnight tonight and continuing through 8 pm on Wednesday night. In these counties, you could be looking at 18 to 24 inches of snow accumulations, with snow falling at two to four inches an hour during the height of the storm. The wind will also be a factor with gusts up to 30 mph producing some whiteout conditions. Travel will be very dangerous when you combine snow covered roads and poor visibilities.

No matter where you live in the Hudson Valley, please exercise caution during this storm. If you don't need to travel, please don't. Many towns and cities are declaring snow emergencies as well as state of emergencies. Depending on where you live, this may mean that you aren't allowed on the roads.

We will update you on those lists as that information becomes available.