Being a whiskey enthusiast, I am often asked for a recommendation of which local New York State whiskeys are worth trying. (I use the term whiskey to cover "brown spirits" to include bourbon, rye, Irish whiskey, Scotch and blended, etc.)

Here are just a few of the many hand crafted artisan spirits that are available locally.

  • Hillrock Distillery, the Solera Aged Bourbon gets a lot of love because it was their original release, but don't let the Double Cask Rye pass you buy.
  • Dutch Spirits Sugarwash Moonshine, super clean and great to make a mixed drink with. Plus, the history of this place is just plain cool.
  • Warwick Distillery, Black Dirt Bourbon, great little bit of spice on the finish of this one. Enjoy it with an ice cube or two, or make it into a Manhattan.
  • Catskill Distilling, Most Righteous Bourbon, this little bottle packs a punch of flavor. A bit more spicy than say Makers Mark, but perfect to sip around the campfire or couch.
  • Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey, probably my favorite whiskey that is coming out of the Gardiner location. Neat or in a Manhattan. So lovely!
  • Coppersea Raw Rye, West Park NY. OK so, this is really a sixth one. Hard to find, more limited because of production and distribution, this is one that I like to use in cocktails because it holds up, flavor wise to additional ingredients.

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