Don't act like you wouldn't go even during a pandemic.

Who remembers Ponderosa? How awesome would it be for it to make a comeback in the Hudson Valley?

A few weeks ago we released a list of places we all ate when we were younger and Ponderosa made the list at number 3. Is anyone really surprised?

I miss these restaurants so much. I remember my grandparents would take me here all of the time and then the next day they would complain that I was too fat. Oh, the memories.

25 years ago Ponderosa was the place that you went to if you wanted  endless amounts of food. There was a time when buffets ruled the land. A good buffet is still the one place where you can go to stretch your dinner dollar as well as your waistline. You didn't need to wear a cowboy hat to feel at home at a Ponderosa.

You might find this nearly impossible to believe but did you know that Ponderosa restaurants still exist in 2021?

I didn't know that Ponderosa survived past the year 2000 let alone past the pandemic but they are still kicking.

There's a Ponderosa buffet in Indiana.

I would like to lobby to get a Ponderosa to open up here in the Hudson Valley. I think the perfect place would be at the old Bonefish Grill location on Rte 9 in Poughkeepsie. It's the perfect spot. We're ready for a Ponderosa again. Buffets will come back and it's been far too long. Our stomachs are bigger than ever. Would Ponderosa be ready for us?


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