Look, no one wants to admit it, but there are a lot of aspects about going to the movies are... well, how can I put this? All right, look, they're just annoying. Just straight up irritating. That doesn't mean that the entire experience is bad. I mean, traveling has a ton of annoying aspects, but it's absolutely worthwhile.

Generally, we just look past all of the more bothersome aspects of the theater and movie going experience because we don't want it to ruin our good time. And, really, how are you going to let some guy talking, or some kid kicking a seat, or the bizarre sensation of your feet getting stuck to some unknown and extraterrestrial substance on the floor get in the way of enjoying your time immersing yourself in Star Wars or some movie you've waited a long time to see?

Well, I'll tell you how: by being this super cranky British dude who hates popcorn. Check the story below.