Today is all about sugar and spreading joy. Today is "Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day" or simply just Buddy the Elf Day. We celebrate the birthday of the character from the 2003 Will Ferrel led Christmas comedy, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Just like in the movie, simply answer the phone and say "(Insert your Name) the Elf, what's your favorite color?"

Of course, there are many ways that you can celebrate the special occasion. Ways to celebrate include dressing up in your best elf attire, and eat lots of sugar. Just like Buddy, make sure you douse every meal that you eat in some good ol' Maple Syrup! And even if you don't have an elf costume lying around, take the moment to be a little extra festive by wearing a Santa Hat or Christmas sweater. 

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Some work places use today to hold desk decorating competitions and bake Christmas goodies. Heck, over the weekend, I was involved in a White Elephant gift exchange, and my contribution was a painting of a very excited Buddy the Elf!

If you are celebrating today, probably most important of all to remember: The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

Santa's Sleigh from the Movie Elf Lands in New York


Over the weekend, the sleigh from Elf was available to visit in New York City. The iconic sleigh featured in the beloved holiday film Elf made its spirited return to New York City in celebration of the film's 20th anniversary! On Location Tours, a TV and movie tour company, presented the sleigh in part with The Elf Movie Sites Tour. The Elf Sleigh, complete with the Kringle 3000 Jet Engine and Clausometer, was the spotlight of a two-hour event on Sunday, December 17th in front of Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

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