Hearing gunshots in your backyard would alarm most people. If you live near a gun range it is a common occurrence but it still might make you uneasy, especially if you saw what appeared to be a stray bullet where your children play.

One Hudson Valley resident claims to have found a bullet on his deck and believes that it must have come from a nearby outdoor gun range. If you stepped outside and found a lead bullet without the casing on your property you may logically think that it is from a gun range that is less than a mile away and directly behind your house. It may be a logical assumption but one resident in Wappingers Falls is learning that it is difficult to prove.

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The local man who found the bullet believes the nearby shooting range is responsible. Dutchess County Pistol Association does not believe that the bullet came from their premises and they also claim that they have video evidence that shows no members were shooting at range during that time. The homeowner claimed to have heard shots earlier that morning and again during that day but noticed the range signed showed they were closed.


A representative from the Dutchess County Pistol Association believes that based on the homeowner's location, it is unlikely that it came from their range.

Does unlikely mean impossible?

I'm certainly not a ballistics expert and it may take one to actually get to the bottom of this. According to a Facebook group for gun enthusiasts, they had a difficult time deciding one way or the other on the claim.

These are similar bullets before they were loaded into a brass casing. It might be difficult to determine if, when and where they were fired from but the bullet the homeowner found does look like it was used. Here are other bullets to compare it to.

YouTube: hickok45
YouTube: hickok45
Do any local shooters have an idea of how this bullet may have ended up on a homeowner's deck?


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