Each week Simon counts down the top five most requested songs with the WRRV Buzzcuts.

Twenty One Pilots managed to work their way back into the good graces of the WRRV Buzzcuts, My Blood hangs in there at number five. Fresh off their Albany gig, Young The Giant is at number four with their latest 'Superposition'. We find The Interrupters and 'She's Kerosene' at the halfway point. Have you heard Houses yet? Because their new song 'Fast Talk' is the bee's knees and is at number two. Cage The Elephant just recently announced album number five and their new song 'Ready To Let Go' has sprinted past the competition to number one.

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5. Twenty One Pilots 'My Blood'

4. Young The Giant 'Superposition'

3. The Interrupters 'She's Kerosene'

2. Houses 'Fast Talk'

1. Cage The Elephant 'Ready To Let Go'