She explains that it's more painful than breaking both of her arms at the same time.

After hearing and watching the video of a woman who went viral on TikTok after she accidentally swallowed her AirPods after mistakenly thinking they were ibuprofen we wondered has anyone in the Hudson Valley ever swallowed something they weren't supposed to?

We asked and didn't think that any story could top the Airpod story and BOOM we got a call from a woman in the Hudson Valley, who asked to remain anonymous. She told us that when she was younger, she was at a family barbeque in Poughkeepsie when the craziest thing happened to her.

She told us that as the BBQ was underway, she was eating and drinking like everyone else when she took a big sip of her soda and got the surprise of a lifetime. She said she took a drink and somehow a bee got into the soda and wound up in her mouth, ALIVE!

Before she could spit the bee out, it stung her on the roof of her mouth!!! She told us that as soon as she realized what happened, her mouth started to swell up and her throat started to close so her family had to rush her to the hospital, "needless to say the BBQ was over!" is how she explained how the rest of the BBQ went.

Thank goodness she was OK but she did tell us that the sting was more painful than when she broke both of her arms at the same time. We asked for details on that story and she told us that it was a story for another day...LOL!

I'm going to keep this story in mind the next time I complain that my mouth hurts after eating a bowl of Cap'n Crunch cereal. It can always "bee" worse! (See what I did there ‍♂️!) LOL!

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