Pop stars love to use guitars as props, but can any of them actually play? For many of them, the answer is yes!

Adele is certainly one of the most talented singers in pop history, but she’s more than just a vocal powerhouse. If you dive into YouTube, you’ll find clips of Adele playing an electric-acoustic bass while singing live. With precision far beyond what’s needed for strumming guitar chords, Adele keeps her bass performance tight as she sings “Best for Last.”

Amy Winehouse was another top tier talent who had some skills on guitar. Though she was known primarily as a singer, you can find little clips of her strumming tasteful chords on her Fender Strat while showing off her pipes.

Now let’s get to the garbage. If you want to see some solid guitar abuse, look no further than Madonna butt-slamming her instrument into an amp onstage. She did, however, jam a half-decent riff from Pantera’s “A New Level.” As far as using a guitar as nothing more than a prop, look no further than Rihanna. Stick around til the end of the video to see what we mean.

Find out which pop stars can actually play guitar in the Loud List below.

Can Pop Stars Actually Play Guitar?

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