You may drive past this place every single day without knowing what it was. I've got to know. Anyone remember what this old place was?

Here's another one for the Hudson Valley. Do you know what business used to be set up here?

I am once again asking you for your help. I think it's time for another Hudson Valley history lesson. I'm not from here so when I pass by a place that may have had their door closed for a decade or more I'm a little bit intrigued. I'm calling upon the town elders and people who raised in the Hudson Valley to help me find the name of this place.

I'm asking for your help again because you showed up in a big way last week. I posed a similar question about an old and abandoned automotive center near the Poughkeepsie Galleria. Several people came forward and said it used to be a Montgomery Ward's shop.

This week I want to know what this place used to be. I can't be sure but it has a garage. Could it have been another automotive service center. Maybe it was a parts retailer. How close am I?


Do you have any idea? It's located on Rte 9 going south in Poughkeepsie. It's between Red Lobster and the South Gate Deli.

Google Maps
Google Maps

What as this place and when did it close? Did you ever go there?

If you know the name feel free to message me the name.

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