Someone in the Hudson Valley wants to know what this place was? Do you remember what used to be here?

It's sad but there are closed businesses everywhere you look in the Hudson Valley region. Whether it's in the city, on a busy street, or even hidden and tucked away in a neighborhood they are almost unavoidable. There's a good chance you drive by several closed or abandoned buildings each day.

I've asked for your help in identifying businesses in the area before. I am once again asking for your assistance. This time it's on behalf of a resident in the City of Beacon.

Maybe this will give us another Hudson Valley history lesson. I'm not from here, so when hearing of a place that may have had its door closed for a decade, I'm a little bit intrigued as to what it was in the past. I'm calling upon the town elders and people who were raised in the Hudson Valley to help me find the name of this place.

Someone emailed me photos of a closed-down business. They said they often go to Mt. Gulian Historic Site and every time they pass this place, they speculate as to what it was.

This week I want to know what this place used to be. Was it a restaurant? Was it a reception hall? How long has it been closed? How close am I? It's in a very weird location. It's only accessible through an apartment complex. Not many answers populate from a quick Google search. If you have any information please help this person out.

Can You Identify This Closed Building in Beacon, New York?

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