How many times have you taken your kids (or yourself) to Catskill Mountain Railroad? Was it to see Thomas the Tank Engine? Maybe it was for one of the Great Pumpkin Expresses?

Were you waiting with baited and frozen breath to be able to go on the 'Polar Express' this year? While the pandemic has touched so many businesses, it has made it so Catskill Mountain Railroad, made a change to their winter programs. I am so happy that they haven't flat out cancelled everything, so we all can make great winter memories this year. 

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So what are they doing this year? They will be running the "Catskill Christmas Express!" The trains that will be taking passengers through their special journey will be open-topped, because this allows more airflow during these still ongoing Covid times. You will need to bring the blankets, hats, scarves and bundle up.

There will be a limit as to how many passengers can join in on each voyage, but who will be their to great each trip? The big jolly guy himself, Santa. Each passenger will also receive a cookie after their journey too.

The journeys will start to take place on November 26, 2021 and continue through December 23, 2021. While you can't put a price on memories, the cost of each passage on board this special holiday voyage is $29 for adults and $23 for kids. Reminder that because of the rides taking place in the open carriages, you will need to bundle up!

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