Have you ever had one of those moments where you're scrolling and have to do a double take at what someone posted, or better yet, walking through a store and have to double back to make sure you saw what you thought you did?

In this instance, I did both...

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Are People Buying Girl Scout Cookie Scented Body Wash and Deodorant?

It all started when I was placing an online order at Target, and while scrolling through one of the categories that was offering a promotion (like spend a certain amount in this department and get a gift card), I came across deodorant, no biggie; what caught my eye was the collaboration and scent of this particular deodorant. Are people REALLY buying Girl Scout Cookie scented personal care products?

When I went to pick up my order, I walked through the store to grab a few additional things I forgot to get online, and passed by the giant display in the photo below.


I most definitely doubled back, and stood in front of the display with a few other people (who weren't running through Target knocking people over for a $50 must have mug) who seemed as concerned as I did.

NATIVE x Girl Scouts Hits Hudson Valley Shelves

Move over Starbucks x Stanley, there appears to be a new collaboration contender in town, and it just might surprise you.

Now, i'm usually the one who finds out about trends long after they've hit, but I was on top of this one before FOX Business even wrote about it. I stumbled upon this unique collaboration on Sunday, even talked about it on the radio on Monday and Tuesday, and then the headline popped up on Monday, January 9th, from FOX...

Native announces limited-edition collection inspired by the most popular Girl Scout Cookie flavors

The FOX coverage goes on to quote Vineet Kumar, CEO of Native, who shared that at Native, 'we pride ourselves on delighting our consumers with something unexpected yet craveable.'

With regard to Native, a brand that, well, brands themselves as being 'clean personal care,' I am finding this strange, as there's nothing quite clean to me about washing myself with 'Thin Mint' scented body wash, and then finishing off with coconut caramel or peanut butter deodorant - can you imagine earning the nickname 'peanut butter pits' at work, or even worse, at school?

The makers of the limited edition line of products are encouraging consumers to jump on the trend by sharing this message:

Bring that Girl Scout can-do energy to your day with scents inspired by your favorite cookie flavors.

I support the Girl Scouts and their mission, 100%. In fact, I was a scout back in the day, my daughter is now. Beyond buying cookies each year, i've purchased Girl Scout cookie flavored coffee in the past, and Santa even delivered Girl Scout cookie scented chapstick this year, but I think that's about as far as we'll go when it comes to personal care and cookie scents...

I can't wait, however, for cookie season to begin in the Hudson Valley so I can get my fill of Samoas. Those will be for eating, not wearing.

See How The Girl Scout Cookie Options Have Changed Since 1912

Can You Remember Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie growing up?

As much as we enjoy Girl Scout Cookies in 2023, we often miss the ones that we used to love growing up. Have you heard of my personal favorite Girl Scout Cookies that are now retired?

Shortbread cookies are always a win. This Girl Scout Cookie was dipped in chocolate and it also had a friendly message on it. It had the words "Thank You" on it.

Ole Oles
These powdered sugar cookies were delicious. They also had pecans and coconut mixed in and were reduced fat.

Lemon Chalet Creme
This was one of my favorite lemon cookies to ever exist. How could a lemon sandwich cookie ever go wrong? The added cinnamon and ginger made it one of a kind.

I remember that these cookies were named after the founder of The Girl Scouts, Juliette Low. It reminded me of a chocolate turtle with its being covered in caramel, pecans and milk chocolate.

Ra Ra Raisens
This was unlike your ordinary raisin cookie. This Girl Scout Cookie brought in oatmeal and yogurt chips with the raisins.

Savannah Smiles
This Girl Scout Cookie knew how to put a smile on your face. They were lemon wedge cookies with powdered sugar.

Which Girl Scout Cookies Are Your Favorite?

I loved the Girl Scout Cookies that were discontinued but also enjoy the present day one as well.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay

Girl Scout Cookie Lineup For The 2024 Season

Yes--one of the most popular cookies is missing...can you guess which?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM