A Hudson Valley business was highlighted by CBS News "for making a difference" and "thriving" during the pandemic.

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CBS highlighted "Five Black businesses making a difference in their communities and thriving despite COVID-19."

The five businesses are located across the country, including one from the Hudson Valley. Seasoned Delicious Foods in Kingston was featured for developing a loyal customer base since opening in 2016 and its Seasoned Gives initiatives.

"Last year, during COVID, we partnered up with Project Resilience and we were delivering thousands of meals to those in need in the community," Seasoned Delicious Foods President and CEO Tamika Dunkley told CBS News. "

Seasoned Delicious Foods is located on Cedar Street in Kingston. It's 0.3 miles from the YMCA of Kingston and Ulster County and 0.5 miles from Kingston High School, according to Google Maps.

Dunkley says they wanted to find a location near the high school in hopes of serving an "underserved neighborhood"

"We wanted it to be a representation for other people of color, and especially the kids... We want it to be an inspiration for other people to be able to know that it is possible to own something and to be able to create an atmosphere in the community where it's a hub," Dunkley told CBS.

Seasoned Delicious Foods is a Caribbean restaurant and health food store.

"Seasoned is dedicated to creating all new taste sensations. Whether it be in our original product lines or our gourmet Caribbean cuisine," the business writes on Facebook. "The flavor and taste of Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados and even Haiti can now be presented to your family and friends whenever you get the motivation to do so. At www.seasonedelicious.com you can purchase the products that will make YOU the cook of the century. You can download the recipes that will allow you to create the most delicious dishes, in the true Momma Blossom tradition

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