A few months ago we shared with you information on the existence of the extremely rare "Green E-ZPass," however the rules as to who can get one have recently changed.

What is a "Green E-ZPass?"

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A Green E-ZPass is one that can be used on electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles. To be clear, they are actually green in color. They are also placed in a vehicle's window, and can be used to pay for tolls just like a 'regular transponder.'

Which cars are eligible to have the Green E-ZPass and when did those guidelines change?

Jens Schlueter
Jens Schlueter

The guidelines as to which cars and vehicles can use the E-ZPass were updated on February 1, 2022. There are more than 60 vehicles that are currently eligible to use this version of the transponder.

What type of discount can a car or vehicle get with a Green E-ZPass?

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With a Green E-ZPass, a car or vehicle can receive a 10% discount off the E-Zpass rate. This discount cannot be combined with any other of the many discount plans and is limited to the specific vehicle that is registered to the green transponder.

How can you get one of these "Green E-ZPasses?"

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You will need to apply for it. It is a fairly straightforward application process. You will need to have an existing E-ZPass account and then send that account number, along with your license plate information and proof of registration, to the following address:

E-ZPass New York Customer Service Center
Customer Account Correspondence
P.O. Box 15187
Albany, NY 12212-5187

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