Another day, another dollar...that's how the saying goes, right? Well, come January 1, 2024, another day will equal another couple dollars on your E-ZPass bill it seems.

The New York State Thruway will increase the cost of tolls for the first time in more than ten years. Approved back in September, the New York State Thruway Authority has shared plans for their first increase since 2010.

A New York State Thruway/I-87 road sign.
Jackie Corley, Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

Expect To Spend More at NYS Thruway Tolls Come January 1, 2024

For the first time in 14 years, motorists traveling on the New York State Thruway will see a decent increase in costs.

New York Upstate reports that those who use E-ZPass will see a 5% increase, with another 5% increase set to hit in January of 2027. Currently, E-ZPass customers pay 4.5 cents/mile, which will increase to 4.9 cents/mile following the 2027 increase.

E-ZPass Customers Complain Of Overcharging
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The Thruway Authority did share that even with the increase, E-ZPass users will still pay some of the lowest rates in the nation.

Currently, those who do not use the E-ZPass service, or do toll by mail, are paying 5.1 cents/mile and 5.8 cents/mile, respectively, and by 2027, both will increase to 8.6 cents/mile.

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New York State Bridge Travel To Increase in 2024

In addition to New York State Thruway tolls going up in the new year, the New York State Thruway authority shared that travel across the Gov. Mario Cuomo, aka Tappan Zee Bridge, will increase by 50 cents. Bridge toll increases will continue through 2027 when the cost will hit $7.75.

Increased Tolls on Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge
Darren McGee- Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

So why the hefty increases in thruway travel? Primarily funded by tolls, as the thruway does not receive funding from state or federal tax dollars, money is needed to maintain the highway that stretches across NY to multiple states.

The New York State Thruway is 570 miles long, stretching from the Pennsylvania border in Western New York to New York City and the Massachusetts border.

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Vintage 1951 Video Shows NY Thruway Being Built In Albany

It was a pretty big deal when the Thruway was being built in the 1950's and this vintage video not only shows the highway being built in the Albany area, but also some vinatge shots of Albany, Schenectady, and Troy.

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