For a proud New Yorker such as yourself, the idea of rooting for the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals might seem like a tough pill to swallow. I get it. The rivalry runs deep, and the wounds from past matchups are still fresh. But let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Remember when the Indiana Pacers swept the Knicks, sending them packing? That stung, didn’t it? Well, guess who swept the Pacers? That’s right, the Boston Celtics. By supporting them, you’re indirectly avenging that defeat.

Think about hockey for a moment. The Panthers spoiled the Bruins season. AGAIN.

I now  pledge my allegiance for the Rangers to beat the Panthers because they knocked out the Bruins. It’s the same concept. We’re all in this together, cheering for our fellow Northeastern teams.

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Also let’s not forget about baseball. The Red Sox/Yankees rivalry has softened over the years. Gone is the Hatred and fire fueled by an 86 year curse. As a Red Sox diehard, I’ve shared moments of mutual respect, like bidding farewell to Jeter , Mariano and the sad passing of Mr. Steinbrenner We can extend that same sportsmanship to the NBA.

Football hasn’t been kind to either of us lately, except maybe the Bills. But that’s just another similarity between us. We know what it’s like to endure ups and downs as sports fans.

So, here’s my proposal: let’s set aside our differences and support each other’s teams. You cheer for my Celtics, and I’ll cheer for your Rangers. It’s a small gesture of solidarity that bridges the gap between New Yorkers and New Englanders.

In the end, it’s not just about basketball. It’s about finding common ground and celebrating the camaraderie of sports fandom. So, what do you say, New York? Let’s rally behind the Boston Celtics and show the world what Northeastern unity looks like.


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