In 1969 the the iconic 'Virginia is for Lovers' slogan was introduced, and has been branding the state ever since, well, now in 2024 we're going to make a small modification for us New Yorkers now that we've recently been crowned top dog when it comes to sports...

New York Is For Sports Lovers


Now, it's been a bit of a rough go for us NY sports fans these days, especially those of us who were hoping that on the 30th anniversary of the last New York Rangers win (as pictured below from 1994), our team would pull through with Lord Stanley's Cup, and us Yankee fans who have had to learn how to live for 15 years without a ring...


Actually, it's been a decade since a NY team won a championship, hasn't it?

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Measuring Sports Lovers Across the United States

A site called SmileHub took a look at a number of different metrics to begin calculating their rankings for best states for sports. Comparing all 50 states across three major 'dimensions' as they call it:

  1. Sports Interest & Success
  2. Sports Careers & Income
  3. Access to Sports

From there, they broke it down even further, using a scale and weighing the metrics across 20 areas to see where states fall when it comes to their sports preferences, 'conditions,' and even sports related activities (yes, like betting).

Seth Love
Seth Love

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New York Is Best State For Sports Lovers

Well, break out your favorite New York sports team's jersey, and wear it proudly, because New York landed the top spot on the list.

Division Series - Cleveland Guardians v New York Yankees - Game One
Getty Images

When it comes to our official ranking across the measured metrics, the Empire State placed top 10 in a number of categories, like 2nd for number of professional sports teams, 5th for sports scholarships (per capita), 6th for sporting good stores (per capita) and 7th for sports clubs (per capita). You can take a look at New York's complete ranking breakdown, as well as the specifics across the states by clicking here.

NY sports fandom runs through my veins, it's just how I was raised. Aside from growing up watching the Rangers practice at the rink at Rye Playland as a kid, my first 'adult purchase' after landing my first job was Yankees partial season tickets (shoutout section 234 left field).... but, life happens and I have a mortgage and a child to spend my money on now. I did, a few seasons back, get to experience the VIP NYY life in a suite at the stadium once, check out the photos below.

An Inside Look at a NY Yankees Suite Experience

I've been lucky enough to experience many views at Yankee stadium, field level, the bleachers, my old season ticket spot in section 234, even the upper deck has great views, but nothing will ever compare to a luxury suite.

Gallery Credit: Val Turco

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