Chevelle frontman Pete Loefller took to social media recently to announce progress on a new album was coming along nicely. The album will be their eighth and first since 2014's La Gargola. It will be difficult to top the #3 Billboard debut of their previous work, but certainly have a chance.

Releasing new music for the band will be different for the band this time around. Their last album, La Gargola was their final on their record deal with Sony. They anticipate doing things on their own this time around. Although it would be hard to deny a new major label deal.

Chevelle is a family affair, started by brothers Pete, Sam and Joe Loeffler. Joe left the band in 2005 and was replaced by brother-in law Dean Bernardini.

Unfortunately in May of 2015 Chevelle was forced to cancel a Poughkeepie concert at the Mid Hudson Civic Center due to some technical issues. They'll be back.