A breakthrough study on the art of eating chicken wings has determined several techniques for you to eat your wings far more efficiently. The average American takes around 20 seconds to consume a standard chicken wing, By incorporating these new methods, you could get that down to around 3 seconds.

When you're heading out to Wing Wars this weekend, it's important to be prepared with the proper chicken wing eating technique. 'Crazy Legs' Conti, chairmen of Major League Eating provides some insight into his favorite options.

The 'typewriter' method is best for eating drumsticks. You hold the wing like you would corn on the cob, then spin and move left to right as a typewriter would. Although we're getting to the point where you may be saying to yourself, what's a typewriter?

'Wishboning' is where you grab the bones at the bottom of the wing, insert the chicken into your mouth and as you remove the chicken, spread the bones apart at a 45 degree angle. The meat should fall right off the bone.

The 'Meat Umbrella' may be your best option because it's a one handed method, meaning you can still have one free hand for your beer! Push the chicken wing down onto the table and push the meat down until it releases from the bone. I could tell you about it all day, but let's have 'Crazy Legs' Conti give us a demonstration.

The New York Daily News reports Americans eat more than 28 billion chicken wings each year with approximately 1.5 billion eaten Super Bowl weekend alone. So come warm up for the big game weekend with us at Wing Wars this Saturday from 5-9pm at Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh.

Do you have a name for your favorite chicken wing eating technique?