Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of those chains where you feel like you are eating healthy whenever you go there. The ingredients typically seem fresh, you get a great variety of vegetables, and the service is pretty quick. With its assembly line format, I've heard some people refer to it as a "Mexican Subway."

My Perfect Chipotle Mexican Grill Order

When I go to Chipotle, I tend not to stray off the path too much, and I'll order the same thing. Whether I get a bowl or burrito, I'll typically get the rice and beans with peppers and onions to start. For a protein, I'll add on some chicken. Unlike my folks who love to get cheese and sour cream, I can do without. All I need is a little salsa and some guacamole to get me by.


Watching the workers at Chipotle wrap the burrito is amazing. It really is an art form. Anytime you think, "There is no way that all is going to fit in there," the people making your order make it work. I'm always so impressed to see the burrito come together so beautifully.

Unlike McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts, there isn't a Chipotle on every street corner in the Hudson Valley. That being said, there are close to a dozen locations in and around the area. I went snooping and discovered the Top 5 Chipotle Locations in the Hudson Valley. This is based off of Google Reviews with a rating of 3 Stars or higher.

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What do you think of this list? Should one of the restaurants be higher? Should one be lower? Did your favorite location make it on the list? Let us know and message us through the app!

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