Chuck E. Cheese is looking to attract more Moms and millennials. How are they going to try to make this happen? According to, they are adding new menu items along with more beer and wine options. Wait. You were unaware that Chuck E. Cheese sold beer and wine? For some it was a brief "sunny spot" of birthday party torture that parents had to look forward to (keep in mind there is two serving limit per person). The reason that they are adding these options, the mom's that are at their restaurants are mom's that were going to fast casual places, like Panera, before their kids came along. Now that the kids are going to Chuck E. Cheeses, the moms want more diverse options.

Here are a few of the new menu items:

Mac N Cheese Pizza
California Alfredo Thin & Crispy Pizza
Sandwich wraps
Boneless Chicken Wings
Gluten Free Pizza options

Just how much more "Mom friendly" is the restaurant?