It turns out if you're looking for The Church of Satan, you don't have to look very far. After finding homes in San Francisco and New York City, the church now finds its home in Poughkeepsie.

The church was founded in 1966 by ex-carnie Anton LaVey. He presided over the organization as high priest until his death until 1997. In 2001 Peter Gilmore was appointed to replace him after a long vacancy and it was at this point the church began its long journey to the Hudson Valley.

Gilmore states they are not "theistic satanists" who believe Satan to be a supernatural being. Instead, he calls them skeptical atheists. They do hold rituals in conjunction to their "religion."

Writer Alex Mar had had an opportunity to visit Poughkeepsie's "Black House" and got a good look at the church from the inside. If you'd like more info, read the article in The Believer.

The Church of Satan does not release membership info, but we do know their meetings are local.