A local restaurant known for throwing great outdoor patio parties has been told by town officials to STOP or be fined!

This time of year when we plan to go out for a bite to eat many of us plan to go to a restaurant that offers outdoor seating because it's so nice outside. Not only do many of us love eating outside we also love going to places that offer outdoor fun along with great food. Right? Well, it appears that one restaurant in Brewster, New York has been told that they are in violation of throwing parties like this and must stop ASAP!

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Brewster, New York Restaurant Must Stop Outdoor Pizza Parties

The Clock Tower Grill located at 512 Clock Tower Drive in Brewster, NY, has been told by town of Southeast officials that they are prohibited from hosting any more outdoor pizza parties. The patio pizza parties at the grill have become a popular event for area pizza fans and according to the grill's Facebook page they have received a notice from the town of Southeast telling them that they are non-compliant.

Clock Tower Grill Cease & Desist

The grill received a notice dated August 10th that told them that the town's building inspector observed the restaurant's wood-burning pizza oven being used outside on the patio without "site plan approval". Not having proper approval means that the restaurant is in violation of the town code and was ordered to remove the oven immediately until they submit proper plans and receive all necessary permits.

The restaurant posted the notice online and folks left numerous comments of support with one making a really good point,

"Instead of the letter threatening g criminal charges, the building inspector should help this successful business legalize the seasonal pizza oven. Let’s stop driving businesses out of town."

What Happens If They Ignore the Notice?

If the restaurant doesn't get the proper permits for the oven they could be fined up to $250 or imprisonment for a period of up to six months, or both for each violation. The restaurant has until September 10th to show full compliance with this "order to remedy" or face fines and more.

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Hopefully, they can fix everything and get the proper permits so they can continue throwing some great outdoor pizza parties. If you are looking for a great place to eat give the Clock Tower Grill a shot, they are open Tuesday through Saturday starting at 4 p.m.

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