Deputies say they have arrested and charged a man with a series of arson fires in Putnam County.

Area firefighters had advised law enforcement that had responded to an unusual number of similar fires in the area over the past year. Soon, after an investigation, deputies determined that these mysterious fires had been intentionally set, and it became clear they were looking for a serial arsonist.

Man Suspected of Series of Fires in Southeast 

The Putnam County Sheriff's Department had responded to the most recent fire in Southeast on November 27. The Brewster Fire Department informed the deputies about the other fires in the same area over the past year. Now, the investigation had begun.


With the assistance of a Dutchess County Sheriff arson detection K9, it was determined that an accelerant was used at some of the brush fires. Soon they had a suspect. Officials began to surveil the area, and on December 6 they had someone in custody. the Sheriff's office said the 71-year-old suspect from Danbury, CT confessed to the fires.

It is unknown what his connection is to this particular area in Putnam, and why he set the fires to begin with. Officials say he was arrested and charged with five counts of Arson in the 5th degree, a class A misdemeanor.

Man Sets Fire Over Chicken 

Police say a man set a restaurant in New York on fire, over what the suspect claims, was the wrong order. According to prosecutors and footage obtained by The New York Post, the angry customer returned the following morning and set the eatery on fire by pouring gasoline on the building.

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The Post says that the man had asked for an order of chicken biryani from Ittadi Garden and Grill on October 1, though he later told police that they gave him the wrong order. However, an employee from the establishment told the Post that they did indeed give him what he had wanted, only for him to throw it back at them in disgust.


According to his criminal complaint, the suspect told authorities that

“I was very drunk. I bought chicken biryani. They didn’t give me chicken biryani. I was mad, and I threw it out."

The surveillance video of the incident shows the bumbling suspect throwing gasoline onto the building in an attempt to "burn it up", though in the ensuing flame ended up burning his shoes.

The post says that officials arrested the suspect on October 14 after an investigation, only for him to be out on supervised release the following day.

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