Josh Eppard and Dirty Ern of Weerd Science stopped by the WRRV Studios today to talk about the impending release of their new triple vinyl hip hop album Illogy. Josh has a few months off from his full time gig as drummer for Coheed and Cambria so he's able to focus on the hip hop project.

The album will be available at their album release party on June 18 at The Anchor in Kingston. There are limited copies available so be sure to get them while you can. The album was completely self financed and is available for pre-order at the Weerd Science website. 

After the interview, we kicked off Hallway Olympics. This time around the game was corn hole and Weerd Science came to play. I enlisted the support of my brother-from-another station, Smitty from WPDH and we got down to it. While Dirty Ern came on strong at the end, we won 11-9. Not one to rest on our laurels, we've already begun training for the next match.