Three comedic giants will be in Port Chester this weekend for a huge comedy festival.

The Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center has recently brought some amazing comedians to the Hudson Valley. Last month Kevin James and Rob Schneider performed there just days apart.

This weekend the Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center will welcome Jim Norton to the stage. Norton is a well known comedian and radio personality. He's know for his dark humor and controversial topics.

There are two other big names on the bill.

Jim Florentine will be there as well. Florentine performs regularly in the Hudson Valley.

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You may recognize his unmistakable voice from the radio the shoe Crank Yankers that aired on Comedy Central. He's made many people laugh by doing what most of us wish we could do and torment telemarketers.

Here's a hilarious clip from Terrorizing Telemarketers where he convices a telemarketer that his grandpa has just drowned in the bathtub.

Since appearing on that show Florentine has made a name for himself the comedy world. He's no stranger to the Hudson Valley as he as performed here before.


Dave Smith will also be returning to the Hudson Valley this weekend. Smith is a comedian and popular frequent guest on The Joe Rogan Experience.

The comedy festival is taking place this weekend and you can buy tickets by clicking the link here.

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