Almost every concert that I go to I see at least a few people watching the show through their camera on their phone (I've been wanting to see someone with a tablet like that stupid guy in the picture above, but no luck yet). Sometimes it bothers me and other times I find myself watching through the person-in-front-of-me's camera for some reason. As it turns out, some bands don't like the idea of their fans always taking pictures and video and watching the show through their device either. I suppose I could see that as disrespectful. But we live in a time where people need to post everything they do online, because, of course, if they don't it didn't really happen.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were one band that put up a sign explaining that people shouldn't be watching the show through a camera/phone as a courtesy to others behind them and to the band.

Other bands like Arcade Fire asked people not to record a surprise show they did before Reflektor was really announced. Which makes sense to me because if it's a secret or surprise show, it's not meant be for everyone. Also, the show was being recorded by the band for a TV thing and if it were me I wouldn't want something to be leaked out that I'm looking to make some money on.

Let me know, are you one of those people? Do you constantly have the phone out to take pictures at a concert?