Corey Taylor has made a living out of spending a lot of time performing in a mask with Slipknot. As the reluctance among some of the public to wear a face mask, as recommended by the CDC and the White House to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, the singer has blasted "dumbasses" who still refuse to wear one, urging them to "stop whining and put your God damn mask on."

The opinionated frontman, not known for making a delicate point, was asked what message he has for those who resist wearing a face covering in public while speaking with Triple M Rock Interviews, which is based out of Australia.

In the Australian state of Victoria, an outbreak has reoccured, sending the public back into lockdown. Even so, there are some flouting mask mandates, to which Taylor fired back, "Yeah, stop whining and put your god damn mask on."

Turning his focus on the United States, the singer went on, "This isn’t an isolated incident. My country is loaded with these dumbasses that think it is some sort of political standpoint or some sort of partisan garbage. And I’m just like, ‘Are you serious?’ Just because you haven’t had anyone in your life affected by it doesn’t mean that it’s not a real thing."

At press time, the United States leads the world in confirmed coronavirus cases (4,824,175) as well as COVID-19 related deaths (158,268), per Johns Hopkins University, as several states struggle to contain the outbreak.

A harsh message followed in which Taylor charged, "From a very cold standpoint, Karma is a bitch. It will come back and bite you in the ass."

As someone who understands the challenges and inconveniences that arise with the wearing of a mask that envelopes your entire head, not just a piece of fabric over your nose and mouth, Taylor recalled one particularly difficult moment in his career.

"I once had to wear a full head mask for eight hours while doing Slipknot press," he said. "Eight hours straight – didn’t take it off, but these people are going to bitch and moan about wearing it for 10 minutes at the market? Get over yourselves."

On the unmasked side of things, Taylor recently dropped "CMFT Must Be Stopped" and "Black Eyes Blue," the first pair of singles off his debut solo album, CMFT, which arrives on Oct. 2. The latter was the most added song at Active Rock Radio over the last week as anticipation for the 12-track record builds.

"This is probably the most alive album I've done in a long time. It's probably the most fun I've had making an album since the first Slipknot album, to be honest," Taylor told Loudwire Nights radio host Toni Gonzalez in a new interview. "It's gonna throw people for a loop because it is unlike anything I've ever done," he added, noting, "However, it is the most fun album people are gonna hear in all of 2020."

With the debut solo album not even out yet, Corey Taylor has already expressed plans to record a follow-up.

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