Amid ongoing protests and calls for police reform, some feel there is a negative attitude growing against law enforcement. Now, the New York State Sheriff's Association wants lawmakers and Governor Cuomo to pass legislation that would further protect police. Could resisting arrest actually become a felony in New York? This is what they're aiming for, according to an article at WNYT.

Would these said proposals help actually reestablish a relationship with the community and law enforcement? What about the accusations of police brutality? The Sheriff's Association also feels that these measures could prevent further injuries to individuals who were only hurt because they resisted arrest.

WNYT reports that the association shared their ideas with reporters Wednesday. Among their proposals would be passing legislation that would make it felony for resisting arrest. They also want to see any assault against a police officer to be considered a hate crime.

The Sheriff's Association feels that lawmakers have not done enough to protect officers, and also accused the media of fostering an anti-cop bias. The move comes as many communities across the country continue to call for the defunding of police departments, after the death of George Floyd and subsequent protests.

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