It's only the middle of June, and a tropical disturbance is forecast to hit the southern states. Currently, the storm is located in the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to move ashore late Friday or early Saturday. The storm, which is still unnamed at the time, is expected to bring heavy rains and gusty winds to areas in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. If this area of storms develops into a tropical storm, it will be named Claudette.

But as far away as this storm may seem, could the rain and remnants actually reach the Hudson Valley by early next week? Possibly. ABC7 says the most of the rain will stay south towards the mid-Atlantic, but some rain could reach as far north as the Hudson Valley, New York City, and other parts of the Tri-State area. Luckily, the northeast isn't forecast to see anywhere near the amount of rain they're expecting down south. We could see some scattered rainfall by Monday afternoon, according to the TWC.

Now, that we're officially in hurricane season, should residents on the East Coast be on the lookoutAccuWeather's long-range forecast says that while the numbers aren't quite as record-shattering as last year, 2021 is still expected to be quite an active year again for hurricanes in the Atlantic. Meteorologists are predicting 16 to 20 named storms, seven to 10 hurricanes. with three to five of those expected to become major hurricanes (Category 3 or greater). If these numbers are correct, then expect another above average season. By comparison, a normal year will see around seven hurricanes total. NBC NY even furthers the predictions, by saying there is a 45% chance the East Coast will see a direct strike from the hurricane this season.

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