Will we start to see pepperoni sticks on Facebook Marketplace for astronomical prices?

You may not be aware we are currently facing a pepperoni shortage. What could this mean for pizza in the Hudson Valley?

The coronavirus continues to takes it toll in the Hudson Valley. It has caused a shortage in many items and its latest victim is one of America's favorite pizza topping. No, it's not pineapple or ham. Thankfully, Hawaiian pizza is safe for now.

Are we facing a pepperoni crisis? Is this real life? We are and this is 100% grade A really happening?

So why the shortage of pepperoni? Though it's hard to believe it's actually quite simple. Thrillist reports that with everything going on pepperoni is very low on the list of priorities in the meat packing industry since it does make major dollars compared to other popular meats.

According to USA Today, pizza shops all over the nation are paying higher prices for pepperoni. It was reported that though customers might not notice it on their bill yet it some pizza places in New York are paying almost $2 more per pound.

Could the crisis hit the Hudson Valley soon? Only time will tell.