The northeast governors hope to build a blueprint the rest of the nation can use on how to effectively restart the economy in a safe, smart, targeted and coordinated approach. The hope is to have a plan in place very soon.

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On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo had a conference call with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, Delaware Gov. John Carney and Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo to announce a coalition on how and when to restart the economy.

"This is new terrain for all of us," Cuomo said. "As we make life-saving decisions there is strength in unity."

Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore pulled the plug too early and restarted the economy too quickly, officials say.

Cuomo said restarting the economy must be done smartly, in a coordinated way. Other states are welcome to join the northeast coalition, Cuomo announced.

Gov. Carney noted figuring out a plan to restart and when to restart will likely be harder than shutting everything down.

Gov. Raimondo once wanted to limit New Yorkers in her state. She's now switched positions and is working together with New York on how to reopen.

"This virus doesn't care about state borders, so our response shouldn't either," Raimondo said.

Gov. Wolf believes, despite what President Donald Trump has said, it should be each state's decision on when to restart since the states made the initial decision on when to shut down.

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Cuomo noted each state will announce an economic development official, a public health official and a chief of staff to help design a re-opening plan.

Cuomo said the governors will start discussing a plan on Tuesday. As of now, there is no timetable but he says a plan must be in place "within weeks."

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