An abandoned underground mine in the Hudson Valley that is easily accessible to explorers is hiding a spectacular optical illusion.

I've lived in the Hudson Valley for three decades and have never heard the legend of the Widow Jane Mine. The abandoned mine was once the main source of cement responsible for building much of the country's infrastructure during the early-to-mid-1800s. Because it's just a short drive from Middletown, Poughkeepsie, Newburgh and Kingston, many people have apparently already discovered this hidden attraction. Some who've been brave enough to explore the twists and turns of this forgotten underground cavern believe that it's haunted.

The mine is located in Ulster County, and if you scroll below you can check out tons of eerie photos of this underground maze and information on how to actually visit it yourself. But unlike many other creepy caverns in the Hudson Valley, this one is not illegal to explore.

One visitor to the Widow Jane Mine shared his experience in a video that shows a freaky optical illusion that can be seen in one flooded section of the natural attraction. Scroll down through the gallery to see the video and to find out how you can visit this creepy mine for yourself.

Widow Jane Mine

Explore the Widow Jane Mine, if you dare.

The Mine Creates a Crazy Optical Illusion

If you're brave enough to explore the Widow Jane Mine on your own, be sure to look twice before stepping forward. One area of the underground cavern can play some serious tricks on your eyes.

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