Is it me or is there a lot of  people who are getting too comfortable with bringing their pets every where they go? We'll probably see a dog running around at the gym or at movie theater next.

I have to preface this by stating that I am fully aware that some people need an emotional support animal or a service dog and I totally understand that. I think people may be confusing that with "just because it makes me happy I'm going to do it" because this was bizarre. It's almost like if people think they are emotionally attached to their pet then that gives them permission to take it wherever they want. An animal is not just support animal because you claim it is one. There is a  registration process in order for an animal to be deemed an an emotional support animal. You can get more details here. Also, many of these animals wear a vest or special collar to let people know they are working.

Customer lets unleashed dog loose at Poughkeepsie store.

If this was a service animal it was not identified as one.

That didn't seem to be the case this past weekend. I watched a small puppy with no leash or collar play around the entire store. When I first saw it in the corner of the store there was no one near it.  thought the dog was lost and accidentally made its way inside. It eventually made its way back to its owner. No one seemed to say anything even after it took a tour down a few aisles. Either people just don't care anymore or employees of the stores just don't want any issue.

I love dogs but do we really need them running around unsupervised in public areas?

Do you really need to bring your puppy shopping with you?

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