Kylie McDonald
Credit: Kylie McDonald

If you have a motorcycle with a sidecar attached and a dog isn't riding with you can you even call yourself a biker?

Good dogs get to go for rides. It's just a fact.
I honestly don't know if the dog or the dog owner is cooler in this scenario. Either way, I'm really jealous. I hope one day I'll be this cool. I don't know if my wife will let me have a motorcycle or a dog.

There's a popular perception out there that dads are always hesitant to get family dogs but when they finally do they become really close with them. Is that a perception or is that just a reality? That's how it was in my family. I got a puppy for my 13th birthday and it quickly became my old man's dog.

If your dog really is your best friend then you need to do everything together. That's what best friends do.

This amazing photo was taken this past week upstate. I'm so glad someone captured this greatness on camera because it might be the most amazing thing I've ever seen.
Do you have a dog in your life? It's okay if you don't have a motorcycle. You can still enjoy a dog and it might actually be good for you.

According to information shared by the AKC, there are some reasons backed by science that prove you can benefit from having a dog.

Dogs can help cure loneliness. Dogs can help you destress. Dogs can also keep you more active.

Editor's Note: Don't try this at home. Follow all regulations about transporting animals safely. 

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