Dear A**holes Who Were Shooting Fireworks Right Next to the Walkway Over the Hudson,

What the hell were you thinking?! On behalf of everyone who was sitting in my area- overlooking the City of Poughkeepsie, just before you get over Route 9, looking south- you are idiots. Sure, you were probably setting them off from your house, but your fireworks were bursting in all of our faces. Pieces of the burning fireworks made their way onto the Walkway, landing at the feet of bystanders. You are lucky that no one got burned, though it seems you wouldn't have cared.

Your actions were terrifying to everyone in the facility, especially the children. Were you getting off on the screams of the children as a burst of fire went off in their faces? Those screams were not of joy but of fear. We could all feel the heat upon us every time one went off. Most parents had to carry their kids away for they were in hysterics because of your actions. Families that bought tickets to see the wonderful display from the river were now being chased away from the zone, where they were patiently waiting for the event to start.

And even after many of us yelled down to you saying to knock it off and that there were children up here, you persisted. If anything, it seemed like you got even worse, shooting more up at a time, and getting even closer. How you didn't hit the bridge is beyond me. You were not part of the display people bought tickets to see. You were not expected, you were not wanted, and you detracted from so many people's nights.

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Your actions took away from the family fun that many people were going to have last night. By the time you were done, that whole section of the bridge was cleared out because no one wanted to get hurt because of recklessness. There will be children who are now afraid to watch fireworks, and perhaps the Walkway itself. I bet you think you're funny, huh? You can go to hell.

Happy Independence Day, you jerks.

Sincerely Yours,


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