Enough already! The Nickelback bashing has gone overboard and it's time someone stood up for the Canadian rockers. That someone is Deadpool, who shares his love for Chad Kroeger's crew in a new spot for Once Upon a Deadpool.

In the clip, Deadpool recreates a famous scene from The Princess Bride subbing in for Peter Falk reading a bedtime story to a now grown up Fred Savage (sporting his Bears jersey no less). But when Fred ridicules Deadpool as "Marvel licensed by FOX" and compares it to it being like if "the Beatles were produced by Nickelback," Deadpool's had enough.

"I've had it with all this Nickelback hating. You think that makes you cool with the cool kids in school, Fred," asks Deadpool. When Savage calls them "over-produced ear garbage," Deadpool offers up some facts to back his point.

"50 million albums worldwide, 11th best selling musical act of all-time, Billboard's most successful group of the last decade, six Grammy nominations, 12 Juno Awards -- those count -- six Billboard music awards, two American Music Award, one People's Choice Award, Canadian, and a partridge in a [bleeping] pear tree," recites Deadpool back at Savage.

A defeated Savage then offers an olive branch by singing "How You Remind Me," as Deadpool joins the sing-along. Watch the entire spot below.

The whole promo serves as a teaser for the upcoming Once Upon a Deadpool, which hits theaters on Dec. 12. You can get your tickets at this location, and as the spot reminds you at the end, $1 off every ticket sold in the U.S. between Dec. 12-24 will be donated to Fudge Center.

Now get back to some headbanging with Fred Savage and Deadpool by re-watching the clip above ... as you wish. And you can see why Nickelback's become so hugely successful by catching them on tour at these stops.

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