A professional baseball player and his wife started a public debate about who should be responsible for cleaning up after children when they make a mess in public.

Kids are messy, especially toddlers. They don't seem to care much about rules or manners and to be fair it's not their fault because they can't fully comprehend most of them. No one expects kids under the age of 5 to clean up after themselves perfectly. Society does seem to put pressure on the parents though. It looks like professional pitcher Anthony Bass and his wife Sydney Rae are learning this for the first time.

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Some people share his outrage but an overwhelming amount of people seem to believe he is in the wrong.

His tweet has sparked a huge debate online. When you take your kids out in public whether it's at a park, restaurant or on a plane and they make a mess who is responsible for cleaning up? He seemed to put the responsibility on the flight's cleaning crew.

When I take my toddler with me to a restaurant and she throws food on the floor I pick it up. I don't expect others to do it for me. Spills are different. If you need a mop or cleaning products then I think it's literally out of your hands. I think when it comes to large crumbs, especially pieces of popcorn the responsibility is on the kid or the parent.

If your kid cannot eat in public without making a huge mess then maybe you should be the one feeding them.

What do you think?


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