An Upstate New York dog is going viral after being rehomed twice and being dubbed "a fire-breathing demon."

Ralphie The Fire Breathing Demon Dog

Back in January of 2023, The Niagara SPCA put out an animal adoption post, something that they do often. However, this post was blunt and right to the point. They start out by stating "We don't actually have too many nice things to say so we're just going to come out with it." The rescue introduces us to 26lb Ralphie who has an adorable puppy face and should have dog lovers lining up to adopt. Sadly that's not the case because, as the rescue writes:

Ralphie is a terror in a somewhat small package.

They go on to describe Ralphie as a bossy, ankle biter who would be best as the only animal in the house with no children.

Niagara SPCA
Niagara SPCA

One follower of the Niagara SPCA commented on a Facebook photo of Ralphie wrote: "I’d like to donate toward his adoption fee. I’m bossy and too much for some people too, so he’s a little bit my spirit animal."

With that being said, someone thought they could actually handle all 26 pounds of Ralphie and took him home.

That was short lived. By February 14th, 2023 Ralphie was back at the Niagara SPCA.

Ralphie Returns to Niagara SPCA and Heads to Training

Niagara SPCA
Niagara SPCA

This time around the animal rescue is looking to help Ralphie figure out his behavioral issues. They write:

While it is unfortunate that he is back to square one, we're committed to helping him. We were able to finally get in touch with his original owner through alternate channels. He gave us some insight into Ralphie's behavior. After gathering all information available, we decided to reach out to another trainer for Ralphie. We contacted Chris from YourEveryDayK9 and he is willing to take Ralphie into his program: How to Train Your Dragon in Six Weeks.

The rescue continues and explains that board and train for Ralphie will cost somewhere around $6,000 and they're hoping to raise as much of that as they can. Training began earlier this week.  You can learn more on how to donate on the Niagara Facebook page. 

In the meantime, if you're interested in adopting Ralphie email a "letter of interest and dog experience "resume" and include why you believe your home is the right fit for Ralphie" to

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