There are reasons that you call 9-1-1, right? You know that is the number you dial if there is an emergency and you need a first responder. If you were to dial 5-1-1, you would be able to find out the road and travel conditions for most roads across the state and the country.

When should someone or when does someone call 2-1-1?

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Think of 2-1-1 as a number to call when you need help, but not the kind that is provided by a first responder.

What services are provided by calling 2-1-1?

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In a short answer, so many different ones. Do you need help finding basic human needs, like food and clothing, shelter? Do you need to find out how to get help with your elderly family member? Maybe you need access to work support, including how to get training for job skills?

Can you call 2-1-1 any time of the day or night? What happens?


Yes you can. When you call the number you are connected to a dispatcher that will help you with your inquiry and then get you the info that you need. For instance if you need help to the Office of the Aging, the United Way, the Red Cross, etc, they will help connect you to the agency you need.

What if you don't speak English?

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The operators will be able to get you access to services in the language that you need it to be in.

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