Have you been struggling with the cost of internet (broadband) in the Hudson Valley? Depending on where you live, and your service provider, you could be paying a significant amount of money for just internet. Let's just focus on internet here. Yes, it is popular for some people to have multiple services from one company, but we are focusing on just internet.

Do you think that every person should have access to free or low-cost internet? Well, you are not alone. Even the government says that you should have access to low-cost internet, you almost need it for being able to complete your work, and the kid's schoolwork. 

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How can you potentially get help with your internet bill in the Hudson Valley


There is a program through the FCC (Federal Communications Company) that is called the Affordable Connectivity Program. The program (if you qualify) will get you $30 off your internet bill each month, plus a one-time stipend to also purchase a computer.

How can you find out if you are eligible for either of the above amounts?


The program is income based. If you are already receiving SNAP, Medicare, receiving Section 8 housing assistance or a few other programs, you more than likely will be eligible for the internet savings program. To see if you are eligible and to get the forms to apply, click here. 

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