Are concerts really coming back to New York?

Is this the return to normal? I'm talking concerts here. Are concerts really coming back to New York? With everyone in New York State now being eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and the rollout of the Excelsior pass, it's possible.

In an image on Facebook that AJR posted, it read "27 cities (plus more soon)" and featured a crossword puzzle. They captioned it "Let the search begin." In this puzzle were cities like Denver, Chicago, Nashville, and of course New York. Check out the post right below.

While no other information about this tour has been announced yet, it's exciting to see a major artist like AJR announce loose plans for a tour this year. Especially, when it's in New York City which is just over an hour away from the Hudson Valley. Who knows, they could be at a massive venue like Madison Square Garden or the Barclays Center. Maybe even something iconic like Radio City Music Hall! If concerts do return this year in New York State, you'll likely need the Excelsior pass to get in, which verifies you have receieved the COVID-19 vaccine.

AJR has a history with the hudson valley. Recently, Jack from AJR was spotted walking his dog in Kingston. Before that, in 2018 AJR performed at Newburgh Brewing Company for WRRV Sessions. You can check out pictures from their past Sessions performance here. 

In March, AJR released their new album called OK Orchestra. This album features their single "Way Less Sad", "Bang!", and "Bummerland". These three songs are some of their biggest hits. The Signal says that AJR has "never been this strong" when praising the new album. American Songwriter said that AJR "hit its stride" with the new album. Val from middays on WRRV also loves the album!

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