What's the punishment going to be? Just a slap on the wrist and maybe the behind?

Recreational weed is now legal in New York and prostitution is no longer being prosecuted in Manhattan. Is it me or does it seem like we are just living in some crazy times? Life really is stranger than fiction sometimes. It actually seems like that occurrence is happening more and more frequently.

Of all the professions to be struck with new regulations due to COVID-19, prostitution is not one I thought would be exempt but it looks like sex workers in Manhattan got some good news.

I would think that anyone in the sex industry would be  extra cautious during a global pandemic but what do I know?

According to the New York Post, last week the Manhattan District Attorney's office announced that they will no longer prosecute prostitutes as well as people who offer massage services without a license. They've also stated that they are going to forget about thousands of bench warrants that date back almost 40 years.

Though prostitution is not officially legal to my knowledge in either Manhattan or any other part of New York this does seem like the first step towards decriminalizing it.

How the heck did we miss this? I feel like this news totally went under the radar last week. I'm not saying that I'm excited for it but this just seems like this is a pretty extreme thing to happen.

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