An oddly dressed bald man was apparently causing quite the spectacle today on the Mid-Hudson Bridge in the early morning. Did you see him?

Did you see any odd behavior on the Mid-Hudson Bridge this morning?

What was the strangest thing you have ever seen during your commute to work? I've heard of commuters in the Hudson Valley seeing some odd things. One man reported seeing someone reading a book while steering with their knees. Another person claimed she saw a dead llama on the side of the highway.

I work in radio, yes, we have a traffic reporter but there is only so much they can pick up. Sometimes you are the best person to help out since you're actually on the road. When we're in the studio we need to be prepared for anything. Especially phone calls from listeners who notice odd behavior.

We received a call from a listener today who reported seeing a bald guy with his shirt off sitting down on the Mid-Hudson Bridge. He was apparently getting a lot of attention. It may be because it was almost below-freezing this morning. It was reported at about 9:50 AM. Did you see him? Did you get any pictures? Let us know.

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What's the strangest thing or person you've seen while driving?

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